All Nighter is an online game developed by Team Reptile and myself, produced by Cartoon Network. When Cartoon Network discovered our previous collaboration game Lightwatch, they decided the Regular Show cartoon series could use a game just like it!

Because Cartoon Network liked the visual design of Lightwatch, I got to do the art for All Nighter myself.

In All Nighter, Regular Show’s main stars Mordecai and Rigby have accidentally set loose old man Pop’s firefly collection.

By launching Rigby from a rented paddle boat, they go out at night to gather as much fireflies possible, before they get fired by their moody manager Benson. Enemies such as bats, crocs and other angry lake monsters make long nights out of it!

When Pops’ bug jar fills up, they enter bonus time, which doubles the score. With a higher score, better upgrades can be unlocked.

The upgrade screen can be entered after finishing a night. You can make Mordecai paddle faster, have the nights last longer, obtain a special space boost and a defensive mode for Rigby.

I worked with character sheets, episodes, environment designs and direct feedback from the Regular Show staff.

By closely emulating the style I incorporated new character designs, matching the gameplay needs.

Some characters, such as the croc and the purple lake monster, were iterations of existing characters from episodes.
I edited the background by combining Regular Show’s environment paintings and created all other assets myself.

With the help of Cartoon Network style guides, I also made achievement badges for the Cartoon Network website.

According to Cartoon Network, the game performed above average during the launch. All Nighter maintains a steady amount of players daily on their website, where it can be played for free.