During a few months in 2012 and 2013 in my time by Flavour, I worked on making game assets for simple browser games for an online game portal.

For a Bejeweled-like puzzle game, I created cube-shaped icon sets for players to choose from.

I also made several sets of themed backgrounds for this player library. I varied in techniques and styles to offer a wide range of choices.

The backgrounds needed spacing on the right side of each playing field for the grid of another player in the multiplayer modus. The bars above and below each grid functioned as boost meters.

We also made a a soccer-themed game for the same platform. These games were accompanied by achievement icons and, of course, various interface elements.

I created a full-on character creator, in which players could combine different heads, hairstyles and shoes. I made dozens of different versions, making sure they could all fit together. Players could also color these assets to their liking.

I also created a large set of themed soccer fields, leaving room free on the bottom for the interface. These background were animated in-game; for example, the boats in the ocean version would sail by, the concert and stadium version had flashing cameras, and so forth.