In my time by Flavour, I worked on a media campaign made possible by a massive collaboration of Dutch companies. Together with FuWorks, Spektor and Plan Nederland, Flavour realised Kenau’s Army of Women.

Kenau is a Dutch film, released in 2014. This historic epic is a (both national and international) award-winning film about the Dutch legend Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer.

Kenau, a ship builder and wood dealer, became famous in Dutch history for leading the resistance during the defending of Haarlem in the Dutch War of Independence (1568-1548).

The goal of the film’s accompanying media campaign was to mobilize women in an online female army and have them battle together for rights of girls in third world countries.

Via social media, interactive trailers and an online game, hundreds of women played the game and collected money.
The campaign gathered about €67,000 in six weeks time and reached around three million people.

Flavour and myself were partly responsible for this concept and created the game in which women could occupy four parts of the world.
By playing a Zumba-like ball shooting game, they could progress through levels – or buy them out via real life donations.

I mainly worked on polishing individual assets, the interface and putting everything together technically in Flash and with the programmer.