In September 2015 I started working at King as a game artist on Candy Crush Saga. I have since been active within different parts of the game’s production.

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle game which was first released in 2012. After five years, the game and its sister titles have turned into one of the industry’s most recognizable franchises, with over a billion unique players around the world.

I mainly create characters and assets for the game and work with composing 2D environments and UI elements like pop ups. I contribute to the experience and game design of new features, write narrative copy and work on improving the art(ist) function in general.
I have done many in-house presentations, varying from showcasing ways of working to seminars on our style guide. I have also done interviews regarding the game production and my industry experience, some of which can be found here:

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CNews   ·   Stylist   ·   Breakit   ·   ·   the King blog

Examples of Candy Crush styled buildings I created for the game

Other significant learning opportunities I had the fortune of receiving from King were, among others, attending a DISC course, life drawing seminars from Samantha Youssef and THU 2016.

Examples of Candy Crush styled assets (animals, vehicles, tools, clothing, etc.) I created for the game

Following are several of the episodes I made over the years. Episodes are bundles of 15 new levels, released every week, with custom art and narrative on the Saga map and behind the game board.

For each episode, the team would brainstorm narrative and titles themselves. Episodes are also often compiled of pre-existing assets. In this way, I have contributed to over 50 episodes more.

A special episode was Bubblegum Bazaar, which contained level 2000. The team decided to depict main characters Tiffi and Yeti in search what would happen after level 2000. The Bubblegum Troll was there to soothe their Y2K scare with a glimpse into the future.

My designs were featured on worldwide media (such as the BBC), in app stores and on social media. King celebrated this with a big campaign – check out the video below!

I have created several characters for the game. One is the witch Caramella, who first sent main character Tiffi out hunting for potion ingredients at Halloween 2015. After a player finished a special set of levels, Caramella would transform in happiness and hand out her treats.

Other examples are the snowmen Holly and Dale, who often are used in holiday and winter themed episodes and live-ops.

In my time with the Live Ops team work has been more varied and high-paced. I contribute visually and with technical implementation, but also enjoying partaking in designing new features with the team.

Candy’s first collaboration with an outside brand was on a live ops with the US based Marie Claire magazine. Then Creative Director Nina Garcia designed a Candy level for a spread they did on game design.

I created the art for a design-themed live ops – and a Candified version of Garcia herself.

Next to producing in-game content for Candy Crush I also have had many side projects within King. I often create graphics for internal use: PR and social media, event invitations, office maps, portraits of players and colleagues and more. Some of my designs were also featured in the Candy Crush TV show.