Lightwatch is a game developed by Team Reptile and myself of which most content, including my art, was created in 2011.
The game went up for sale on FGL early 2012 and was later bought and distributed later by Armor Games.

In Lightwatch, you play a captain sailing out to sea at night. By shooting stars with a harpoon, you gather stardust to fuel the lighthouse on shore.

While doing this sailing, enemies such as seagulls, sharks, crabs and more aim for the poor captain and his stardust.
If the lighthouse is filled, Rainbownus time grants the player higher scores.

During daytime, the player enters an upgrade screen. There, players can trade their score for boosts in playing sessions.

I visually designed Lightwatch entirely, creating all art assets in the process. Together with creating its structure and gameplay content, I also helped with testing and tweaking the game.

Lightwatch featured at the Dutch Game Garden network lunch of March 7th, 2012. Team Reptile and myself were also asked by Cartoon Network to reskin the game for their cartoon ‘Regular Show’.