Golden SpinAward 2010-2011: Best Gaming Concept

Dutch Game Awards 2010: Best Online Game

Noisia Infection is a game I worked on during my 2009-2010 internship at Flavour. Dutch electronic music trio Noisia worked together with the company to promote the release of their ‘Split the Atom’ album.

The player has to shoot enemies in accordance to the beat in the world of an album track. The better your rhythm, the higher you score.

During the levels, the soundtrack shifts gears and becomes more complex. The movement of the music lines changes and new lines give players an opportunity to navigate between them.

Successfully finishing the tracks brings you to Boss fights – end battles set to a Noisia remix by other famous artists.

I helped set the tone for the gritty interface structure and the environmental atmosphere. I also worked on theme worlds and game assets, such as the Jungle environment and the Canine Cannons shown above.

I gained experience in producing for long-running projects and with client communication, as the band was very involved in the process.

Noisia Infection won the Golden SpinAward for Best Gaming Concept during the SpinAwards of 2010-2011. It was also one of the three nominees for the 2010 Dutch Game Award: Best Online Game.